First Year Anniversary!

This is officially our first year living off grid.  We took a headlong jump of faith last year and held on to all of the ups and downs.  We found out we are still in one piece and  we are still somewhat sane!

Some things we knew about when we moved off grid:

  1.  Yes animals do live in the woods…don’t be surprised when you see one!
  2.  Our driveway is really long!
  3.  Yes I understand you need heat, water and food to survive.  No Problem !
  4.  That this is only temporary!
  5. Oh we are still young, sort of, this shouldn’t be a problem!

Some things we know about now:

  1.  Yes, hauling water is a pain!
  2.  Make sure you have enough pine shavings for the compost toilet!  It does stink when you don’t.
  3.  Refrigeration…what is that?
  4.  Personal space? I have heard it exists!
  5. Would never look back, we love the simplistic life style and all the challenges it brings!

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