A Safe Power System

What happens when your husband starts talking about upgrading your power source?  Well I did the first thing any normal wife would do, I started reading.  I signed out from our library as many books on solar and wind power I could find.  I have to admit when my husband starts talking wiring, inverters, and batteries, I start hearing white noise.  The noise that happens when your T.V. channel in the old days would tune out.  I find I tune out.  However, in the process of reading the information I found at the library (I am not going to mention any book titles because I wanted to make sure this didn’t sound like a promotion for their books) Brought to light a few safety issues.  No pun intended.

Here are the top five:

  1. Ground your solar array to your house ground so that when it gets zapped by lightning the extra power isn’t allowed to surge through your system and fry your electrical.
  2. Wind turbines are just asking to be zapped. Protect your system. Follow installation instructions or hire a professional.
  3. Batteries do freeze!  Yes our batteries did freeze during the cold spell.  My husband and I are talking about bringing the battery bank inside.  Ok, I am having a problem with this.  I just don’t like the idea that they might leak poisonous gas or god forbid explode.  We are open to any suggestions!
  4. Getting the correct wiring for your system.  It does matter in regards to resistance.  I am not an electrician and my husband understands this concept much more than I do, but having the correct wiring will protect your house against house fires.  I do understand that!
  5. Lastly the key idea that we needed to really research is the idea of making sure our fuses were designed for an DC system.  This system creates a particular arc that will blast through a AC designed fuse and cause a ton of problems.

I am comfortable with my husbands knowledge of design and electrical systems.  He understands much more than the average person and can talk my ear off (or anyone else who is listening), on the pros and cons of particular designs.

My suggestion is that if you are like me and not comfortable with your own knowledge of designing a system than your best bet is to hire a professional.

We have learned keeping our family and house safe from destruction rather than saving a few pennies should always be our top priority.  Safety First!


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