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This past spring, we went on a much-needed vacation.  We spent time in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with family and enjoyed the warm sun and cool ocean.  A nice break from our typical spring weather of snow and mud.

While on vacation we once again enjoyed the amenities of living on grid.  Twenty-four-hour access to television and the internet.  The funny part is that we barely used them.  We spent most of our time outside or visiting with family.  Oh, we would watch some T.V. at night.  But most of the time we spent swimming in the pool or walking on the beach.

Living off grid like we do, you soon learn to tone down entertainment habits.  We produce enough electricity with our solar that we have lights and occasional T.V.  If I can charge the lap top during the day we will watch a movie at night.  We have been a little more selective about what we spend time watching.  No more binge-watching episodes on Netflix.

Do we miss the twenty-four-seven constant connection to the outside?  No, not really.  Since we have “disconnected” I notice I feel less stressed out and anxious.  Our son has started a renewed interest in reading and composing music.  My husband has been spending his free time with odd chores and finishing touches around the cabin.   We talk and spend time together.  Our heads are not bowed down and glued to the hand-held screen.

I do admit that when we went on vacation it was a treat to enjoy the amenities of living on grid.  Would we run back to that lifestyle?  Not right now.  We are where we need to be.  The cabin is wired as a D.C system.  The house will be wired for traditional 110.  We just need to upgrade our power.   Our goal is to have the house work as if it is on grid.  We know a few families that have created enough power that they are living comfortably off grid.  We are headed in that direction.

So, we will have enough power to run the T.V., stereo system, and DVD player.  Yet we will still have to limit our use.  As for the internet, we haven’t found the best plan for our situation and have been ok living without it.

Living off grid is our new normal.  I appreciate the amenities of grid life, but I also value our family time and do not miss being plugged in 24-7.  Reality is a nice break.


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