We are a family that have  tried the “American Dream” and finally we  decided to go forward and live.  My husband and I are in our late 40’s.  We still have our youngest son at home and two older children who are starting lives of their own.

We had the beautiful house in the quiet neighborhood with two cars in the driveway and every electronic convenience you could imagine.  Yet we found ourselves running around attempting to make ends meet.  We were exhausted, in over our heads, and in a blink of an eye our two older children grew up and moved out.   We started asking   “Is this what we wanted?”

It has taken us about five years to get where we are now.  We had to downsize, and boy do I mean downsize.  We went from living in a two story house with a packed basement, attic, and garage. To a one room cabin with an old RV for storage.

End of the dirt road is about our journey toward sustainable living and a simpler life.   We have had some challenges and surprises along the way. Who ever heard of a driveway in which no one wanted to plow?  Apparently ours is!  Which led to the family walking  the half mile into the cabin during the winter.  Leaving your phone in the truck has a new meaning for us now!

The ultimate goal with this blog is to share our experience with the hope our mistakes and challenges can help other’s make the right decision.  We will be including funny antidotes and beg people for all kinds of advice!

Happy Living!

Cynthia and Russ


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